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The Ultimate ELM Guide For Your Learning Journey


Electronic libraries are rapidly becoming the norm at colleges and universities as a means of expanding the materials available to students and assisting them in honing their research skills. ELibrary Minnesota-ELM is a well-known electronic library. ELM provides you with access to a variety of Ebooks and databases to help you with your studies. In this article, we will discuss the ultimate ELM Guideto give you an overview of how ELM works and discuss the incredible resources available in ELM. You will learn a lot more about the resources as your studies progress.

ELM Overview

Elm logo header with URL below
Elm logo header with URL below

ELM is an online resource that connects Minnesota residents to reputable and respected information sources. You'll find articles from magazines, journals, newspapers, and encyclopedias, as well as ebooks and other resources, all of which are available online 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from school, home, work, or your local library.

ELM can be thought of as community hubs where people of all ages can gain access to tools necessary for full participation in modern life. It provides welcoming expertise as well as free and open access to entertainment, educational opportunities, and practical information about literacy, health, business, technology, job-seeking, and much more. Please keep in mind that in order to use ELM, you may need a school or public library card.

ELM Guide For Access Options

Electronic Library for Minnesota (ELM)

In ELM, you can access the content in a variety of ways. The ELM portalallows you to search across the majority of the library. This will return results for a variety of subjects and resource types.

There are the main types of resources.

  • Ebooks - These are like traditional books but available online
  • Articles - Each issue of a journal includes a number of articles written by renowned academics.
  • Databases - In the context of a library, this refers to a collection of ebooks that can all be searched at the same time.

To use databases to find information for an assignment, you must first understand how ebooks and articles are organized.

ELM Databases Guide

Below are some of the databases that you can access in ELM Portal.

  • Academic Search Premier - Thousands of scholarly publications in all academic fields. This is included in the Explora Library database.
  • Applied Science & Technology Source - Full-text and indexed content covering the entire spectrum of applied sciences and computing disciplines from acoustics to aeronautics, neural networks to nuclear engineering is available.
  • Britannica Academic Edition - Encyclopedia content, as well as multimedia, timelines, a world data analyst, country comparison, and the Britannica blog, are all available.
  • Britannica Library - Multimedia, timelines, a world atlas, country comparisons, quotations, and primary sources round out the encyclopedia content for all ages.
  • Consumer Health Complete- Popular and professionally written information for patients and consumers on all health-related topics, ranging from mainstream medicine to the various perspectives of complementary, holistic, and integrated medicine. Consumer Edition and Alt Health Watch databases are included.
  • Explora Kids - There are magazines, encyclopedias, dictionaries, and images appropriate for elementaryschool students. Primary Search database is included.
  • Health Source: Consumer Edition - Popular and professionally written information for patients and consumers on all health-related topics. Consumer Health Complete, Explora Teens, and Explora Library databases all contain this information.
  • Merriam-Webster Unabridged - An authoritative source of English language information. Up-to-date information, definitions, and usage notes are included.
  • MNLINK - A statewide virtual library that connects you to Minnesota's extensive library resources electronically.
  • Points of View Reference Center - Essays that present opposing viewpoints on current or contentious issues. In addition, there are magazine and newspaper articles, primary sources, and other resources related to those issues.


ELM will not completely replace the physical existence of documents, but digitization must be introduced to meet current demand and satisfy non-local users so that libraries become hybrid in nature. It is critical to keep up to date on new technologies that will improve students' learning and boost their skills and confidence in the face of challenges. ELM not only gives the reader access to any book at any time, but it also gives every reader the opportunity to experience a very organized and innovative mode of reading via the internet. Discovering a new Elibrary platform can be overwhelming; therefore, we hope that this ELM guide will be of great assistance to you on your learning journey.

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