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The New ELM Portal-From Elm4you.Org To Elibrarymn.Org


It's time to say goodbye to the old ELM portalat elm4you.org. The address elm4you.org will be redirected to the new ELM portal elibrarymn.org. Any ELM database links on your website that use the elm4you.org proxy will no longer function. Please review the guide at https://elibrarymn.org/learningcenter/links to switch your links to the new elibrarymn.org proxy. If your libraryuses direct links to the ELM resources, you don't need to change your links.

What Is ELM?

Electronic Library for Minnesota (ELM)

ELM (eLibrary Minnesota) provides Minnesota residents with access to articles from magazines, journals, newspapers, and encyclopedias, as well as media such as images, videos, audio files, and other information resources.

Consumer information, arts and humanities, career, occupation, test prep, current events, health, science, social science, politics, business, and other topics are all covered by ELM.

ELM provides statewide access to a basic set of database resources, full-text articles in magazines and newspapers, and other materials needed for education, health, research, business, and lifelong learning to students, parents, teachers, and citizens. The electronic portals provide access to ELM resources. The state investment leverages increased purchasing power through statewide licensing of electronic databases and ensures that all students have equitable access to a diverse range of electronic resources to help them meet educational standards.

Purpose Of The New ELM Portal

The new ELM portal is now operational and can be accessed via the new URL, elibrarymn.org. The new portal's goal was to reduce the number of clicks required to access needed resources. Keeping the portal's focus as a discovery tool aided in achieving that goal. In the new environment, we have kept many of the popular features from the old portal, such as Find a Publication, Topic Search, and the Grade Level break out of appropriate databases (which is located under the Student Research button).

The entire ELM portfolio is all updated. It has a new name, eLibraryMN (same abbreviation), that reflects the modern language and is consistent with the naming scheme of other Minitex programs, as well as a new logo and color palette. The new URL, elibrarymn.org, will direct visitors to the new portal, while the old URL, elm4you.org, will direct visitors to the old portal. On the old portal, there will be a button that says, "Try out the New Portal!"

Things To Remember For The New ELM Portal

Database Links If you have links to ELM resources via elm4you.org on your website, please be aware that the domain and URL used to access them have changed. The resources now have a new URL that begins with "https://content.elibrarymn.org" Featured Resources is that we can now highlight various resources in our suite by tagging them as a Featured Resource. This will tend to identify popular as well as lesser-used resources for people to try out and explore a little deeper than they may otherwise.


ELM Learning Center has completely redesigned the ELM Learning Center to include information for librarians supporting ELM resource access. Furthermore, the database guides and tutorials have also been updated accordingly. We hope that this article covers information you need to know about the new ELM portal.

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