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Electronic libraries are quickly becoming the norm at schools since it combines technology and information resources that allow users to have remote access to educational content, breaking down the physical barriers. One of these is ELibraryMN or also known as ELM 4 Youwhich gives Minnesota residents access to magazines, journals, newspapers, and encyclopedia articles, media, including images, videos, audio files, and other information resources. Moreover, a vast array of topics are included, such as consumer information, arts and humanities, career, occupation, test preparation, current events, health, science, social science, politics, business, and more. ELM is indeed a great source made available in libraries through the MINITEX LibraryInformation Network with assistance from the Minnesota State.

The databases and electronic resources of the ELM website are readily available to anyone in the state of Minnesota. If ever the system cannot determine that you are located in Minnesota, you may log in using your respective library card number. Read through this article to learn more about ELM 4 you.

ELM 4 You To ELibraryMN As A New Portal

ELM 4 you webpage with Elibrarymn new logo and different green research buttons
ELM 4 you webpage with Elibrarymn new logo and different green research buttons

ELM 4 You resources are being used by a large number of people, particularly in schools. And now, ELM 4 you, the Electronic Library for Minnesota, has a new home portal which is “https://elibrarymn.org/” as well as a new logo and a new name which is eLibraryMN. Furthermore, lots of new features and resources are also updated too.

The new ELM portalcan be found at elibrarymn.org, which has the new URL. The new portal's goal was to reduce the number of clicks required to access needed resources. Keeping the portal's focus as a discovery tool aided in achieving that goal. Despite the fact that there is a new portal, well-used features from the old portal, such as Find a Publication, Topic Search, and the Grade Level break out of appropriate databases, have been retained in the new environment.

The entire ELM portfolio has also been updated. The new name, eLibraryMN (same abbreviation), reflects the modern language and is consistent with the naming scheme of other Minitex programs, as well as a new logo and color palette.

Old Portal ELM 4 You

ELM is an excellent place to begin any type of research or to find accurate information. The new URL, elibrarymn.org, will direct visitors to the new portal, while the old URL, elm4you.org, will direct visitors to the old portal. We will have a button on the old portal that will allow you to try out the new portal.

If you have links on your website to ELM resources via elm4you.org, please be aware that the domain and URL to access them have changed. The resources now have a new URL that starts with "https://content.elibrarymn.org." However, if you want to look at the text of Consumer Reports articles and the Learning Express Library, you can still go to www.elm4you.org.

ELM New Portal Updates

You can now use the Featured Resource tag to highlight specific resources in the ELM suite. This will allow us to identify both popular and less-used resources for people to try out and explore a little deeper than they might otherwise. The ELM Learning Center has also been completely revamped with information for librarians supporting ELM resource access. The database guides and tutorials have also been updated.


There is no doubt that ELM 4 you is an excellent research site that provides extensive access to encyclopedias, magazines, journals, and newspaper articles, which is extremely beneficial to students. It's also good to know that they're continually working to improve the ELM website so that it has more features and is easier to use for its users. We hope that this article will be of great assistance to you in your ELM research projects. If you want to start exploring right away, go to elibrarymn.org.

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