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Who Is Tom Way - The Man Behind DHMO.Org Website


Who is Tom Way and should we recognize individuals for their contributions? Honoring individuals like him and their contributions bring attention to not only their character and accomplishments but also to the job they perform and the difficulties they face. It motivates and inspires others to support their efforts or to become community champions themselves. At this point, the author will provide information about Tom Way.

Dr. Tom Way Qualifications

Dr. Tom Way is an Associate Professor at the Department of Computing Sciences and Chair, Faculty Congress at Villanova University in Pennsylvania. On the Applied Research in Computing Enterprise Services (ARCES) program, CEET's flagship research project funded by the Department of Defense, he led a team of 9 faculty, 12 graduate students, 5 undergraduate students, and 2 full-time research associates, collaborating with industry engineers from Gestalt LLC (now part of Accenture) and managers from the USAF's Electronic Systems Center.

Parsing in many forms, such as large data opinion mining, social network extraction, compiler analysis, positional characterization, textual analysis, and data translation, is the focus of his current study. In his parsing study, he uses machine learning, natural language processing, and sentiment analysis tools.

Dr. Tom Way's Other Research Projects

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1. Applied Computing Technology Laboratory

In 2005, He developed the Applied Computing Technology (ACT) Laboratory to foster student-faculty collaborative research and to provide a viable location for anyone interested in discovering creative applications of computers to solve issues. The ACT Lab welcomes any interested researchers and is dedicated to following interesting computer concepts wherever they may go.

2. Text-based Interventions

He is working with Dr. Michael Mason from VCU on a lot of text-messaging-based projects, and he is excited about it. In the beginning, they used Tropo to handle SMS interactions. Now, they use an integration of Qualtrics and TextIt to collect data and control the flow of messages.

3. Information & Technology Literacy

In today's information-saturated environment, being literate means understanding technology. His research focuses on educating citizens about technology. This research uses a science parody website he created in 1997 that is now utilized by librarians, instructors, and students worldwide to examine critical thinking, reading, and evaluation of information skills.

Publications And Proposals

Planned or in progress

  • Thomas Way. "Revealing Social Networks in Novels." Machine learning and parsing approach to automatic and guided social network extraction from text, March 2018.
  • Thomas Way, Seth Whidden, Francois Massonnat. "The Conjoined Model for Interdisciplinary Computer Science Education." Description of model, comparison with other approaches, latest related work, results of experience, recommendations for use, incorporate contributions from the panel session at SIGCSE, April 2018.
  • Thomas Way. "Sentiment Tracking." Tracking sentiment over time, using parsing techniques for sentiment analysis, its use as a reflective and predictive measure, Twitter, other sources.
  • Thomas Way. "Text Messaging for Interactive Research." Survey journal article on approaches, experiences, and lessons learned.

Published studies

  • Thomas Way. "A Framework for Unsupervised Extraction of Social Networks from Textual Materials." The 20th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ICAI 2018), Las Vegas, Nevada, July 30 - Aug. 2, 2018.
  • Thomas Way. "Evaluation of the Conjoined Approach to Interdisciplinary Computer Science Education." The 14th International Conference on Frontiers in Education: Computer Science and Computer Engineering (FEC 2018), Las Vegas, Nevada, July 30 - Aug. 2, 2018.
  • Thomas Way. "Procedure Restructuring for Ambitious Optimization." Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany, ISBN 978-3-8383-4506-2, 2010.

Tom Way Biography

Tom Way is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Villanova University, where he received his Doctorate degree from the University of Delaware. He worked in television and film production in Los Angeles prior to pursuing graduate education. Compiler optimization, nanocomputer architecture, applied computing, and entertainment technologies are among his research interests.

Dr. Way spent ten years in the television and film industry in Hollywood prior to pursuing his graduate studies. A position on the board of directors for a software and Internet services company, freelance software engineering and website consultancy, and Director of Research for the popular science satire website DHMO.org are among his current professional interests. He is a professional magician, writer, actor, filmmaker, and marathon runner who has won numerous awards.

DHMO.Org Tom Way

The current headquarters of the Dihydrogen Monoxide Research Division (DMRD) are in Newark, Delaware. The dispute over dihydrogen monoxide has never been more serious, and the objective of this website is to provide an unbiased data clearinghouse as well as a place for public discourse.

Explore many Special Papers, which include the DHMO FAQ, a comprehensive primer on the topic, as well as reports on the environment, cancer, current research, and an insider's look at DHMO's use in the dairy business. In fact, Tom Way made a website called DHMO.org in late 1997, based on Jackson's web page and Zohner's research. It had links to legitimate sites like the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Institutes of Health.

Tom Way Author

Tom Way has been combining technology and entertainment for a long time. Now, he consults in the realm of Entertainment Technology, exploring the amazing limits between science and magical illusion. The following are his project portfolios:

1. Text-message based interactive system

They created a text-messaging system that helps teenagers and college students cut down on alcohol and tobacco usage using gamification and mobile application design patterns. The outcomes of this technology platform have been discussed at conferences and published in peer-reviewed journals.

2. Satire-based science literacy project

They have worked hard to teach science literacy through a new way of using satire. They created DHMO.org, a website that exposes the very real risks of the chemical "dihydrogen monoxide." Educators, librarians, and others who teach Internet literacy, critical thinking, reading, and the truth-bending methods employed by politicians, media, and religious leaders to prove any point to their liking use the site. The site has prompted numerous interviews and requests for reprints in local and national media. The site is now available in French, Italian, and Hungarian.

3. Mobile-application design for safety and assistance

We created a safety app for phones that can call for aid in case of an attack or other dangerous situation. Memory assistive technology uses machine learning and other artificial intelligence approaches to help persons with memory loss due to Alzheimer's Disease, brain injury, aging, or being an absent-minded professor. These technologies combine the "fun" of gamification with the "magic" of science to discover solutions for real-world challenges.


The author hopes that this article may help you in recognizing Dr. Tom Way's work. He is by far doubt one of the researchers who has made significant contributions to studies that have improved people's quality of life. We may celebrate their accomplishments and consider them as an inspiration to maximize our talents in the course of research.

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