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Since the birth of the digital age, the concept of digital libraries such as Expanded Academic replacing traditional ones has been widely discussed. A lot of old-fashioned libraries are still around. There is a list of the 25 most famous libraries from all over the world such as the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C, the British Library in London, and many more. However, the article will be focusing on what digital library offers to us and why is the Expanded Academic more efficient and less- energy-consuming activity.

Expanded Academic

Expanded Academic is one of Gale's best resources for research across all academic fields, with in-depth coverage of references. In this service, more than 3,000 academic and general interest journals are indexed and summaries are written up from them. Many of these periodicals also have the full text of the articles, as well as the most recent six months of the New York Times, which you can read.

Every major academic field has its own core titles in the database. There are also journals that focus on a specific area or issue, academic journals that can be used in the workplace, and publications that cover national news and commentator stories.

Five Key Subjects Under Expanded Academic

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Academic OneFile is associated with five different subjects. Other interesting databases can be found by exploring the topics that are listed in this article. You may also see some selected websites that you can browse under each key subject.


1. Abstracted Business Information (ABI)/INFORM

A wide range of business publications, magazines, and newspapers are covered in detail. ABI/Inform Dateline, ABI/Inform Global, and ABI/Inform Trade and Industry are the three databases included in this package. Business conditions, management approaches, business trends, management practice and theory, corporate strategic planning, and the competitive environment are just a few of the topics covered.

The majority of the content is written entirely in text format. When you're in the database, check the 'Peer reviewed' box to limit your search to academic literature. ABI/INFORM is linked to 19 different topics. Other interesting databases can be found by looking into these topics.

2. Business Communications Company (BCC) Research Reports

BCC Research has a library of over 3,000 market research reports. Biotechnology, manufacturing, information technology, food and drinks, instrumentation and sensors, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, membrane and separation technology, nanotechnology, photonics, and plastics are among the major subject categories.

BCC Research Reports is divided into 21 categories. Other interesting databases can be found by looking into these topics.

3. Emerald Insight

They have books and articles that have been checked by experts. Literature reviews, book reviews, conference information, interviews, profiles, and "How to..." guides are all in this book. Economics, education, engineering, library and information science, public policy, and environmental studies are some of the other subjects.

They are unable to access the Expert Briefings or the majority of Case Studies. The number of full-text papers available varies by title, but full-text articles have been available since 1994. The database is refreshed on a monthly basis. Emerald Insight is linked to 13 different topics. Other interesting databases can be found by looking into these topics.

Computer Science

1. Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Digital Library

Bibliographic information and full text for articles published in Association for Computing Machinery journals, magazines, and conference proceedings are available in the ACM Digital Library. The majority of papers are published in PDF format, although some are also available in HTML, Postscript, and LaTeX. ProQuest Dissertations & Theses provides access to theses in the ACM. ACM Digital Library is associated with 9 topics. Investigate these topics to find additional databases.

**2. Computer Index Australasia

People who read popular computer magazines like Australian & New Zealand LAN Magazine or Australia PC User will find this list of articles very useful. Articles on popular computing, software, hardware, communications, and computer applications are included in the subject area.

Computer Index Australasia is connected to three other things. People who study these subjects can find other databases that can help them, like databases for computer science and electrical engineering.

Engineering General

1. Engineering Village

This is a list of the most important engineering literature. It includes journal articles, conference papers, and reports. Plus, it comes with COMPENDIX and GEOBASE plus GeoRef and Inspec. Ask a person who knows what they're talking about to help you find the information that you want. Engineering Village is made up of 11 different subjects, and they all work together. You can look into these topics to find other databases that can be useful.

2. Trial Multimedia Fluid Mechanics

Multimedia Fluid Mechanics combines original DVD content with a new online and mobile-friendly interface. For the finest online learning experience, simulations and videos have been remastered to operate without plug-ins, and the text has been MathJax-enabled. Trial Multimedia Fluid Mechanics is related to 1 subject.

Fine Arts

1. Art and Architecture Archive

The fundamental original sources for researching the history of architecture, fine and applied arts, interior design, industrial design, and landscape architecture are the archives of key consumer and trade periodicals. Apollo, Art Monthly, Print Architectural Review, and Graphis are some of the most well-known titles.

2. ARTbibliographies Modern

Contemporary art, photography, design periodicals, and museum bulletins are all included in this index. From 1974 until the present, it indexes and abstracts magazines, exhibition catalogs, theses, and books on twentieth-century art. Other interesting databases can be found by looking into these topics. Its main subjects include art history, design, and fine arts.

Science General

1. New Zealand Geographic

People who read New Zealand Geographic can find a lot of extra things, like video and audio clips. If you want, you can just search through the whole archive for words that are important, like a specific place, a person's first name, or a story. You can also search just for stories, photos, videos, or audio files if you don't want to look for all of these things. It also talks about 10 significant key subjects. You can look into these subjects to see if there are other databases that might be useful.

What Is Expanded Academic Asap And What Does It Do

All academic fields are covered by the Expanded Academic ASAP indexing, abstracts, and chosen full text for more than 3,500 scholarly journals and general interest periodicals encompassing all academic disciplines, especially the citations only for The New York Times. It is possible to limit the search to book reviews only.

UD Web Of Science

Web of Science is the place to go if you want to see how many times a particular article or book has been mentioned, or if you want to do cross-disciplinary research. The University of Delaware Library conducted a workshop last summer on the Web of Science, a library database that allows users to see how frequently specific works and authors have been mentioned, as well as access to general research in a variety of subjects. The course covered how to use Article Express, a document retrieval system that works in tandem with Web of Science, as well as research tools for analyzing the citation history of articles.

UD Library

We get things done at the Library, Museums, and Press. You can find, consume, and create content wherever the firm is. It is free to use the University of Delaware Library's electronic resources like DELCAT Discovery. The Library is free to anyone.

To enter the Library, visitors must present ID and sign in at the Welcome Desk near the turnstiles. Morris Library is located on campus's Green. The Marine Studies Library is in Lewes, while the Chemistry, Physics, and Education Resource Centers are in Newark. Mechanical Hall, Penny Hall, the Old College, and Morris Library all hold rotating displays. The UD Press editorial offices are located in Morris Library.


With most of the world's people connected to the Internet, it's hood to have a single library of all the books man has ever written. Through this, anyone can get to any of them at any time, 24 hours a day. Please feel free to spend a lot of time looking for what you are looking for in Expanded Academic for your school and research projects.

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