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Testprep - Exams may cause anxiety in both students and teachers, whether it's the SAT, ACT, AP, or GED, or simply a simple test or quiz. While they aren't without affection, they must face tests. Students want assistance in dealing with them efficiently and confidently, and professors require assistance in preparing students, particularly for studying at home. These fantastic test prep and study apps and websites take the tedium out of drill-and-kill by providing students with the targeted practice, reference materials, and study techniques to ace high-stakes exams.

Best Online Sources For Test Prep


Teachers may utilize the CK-12 site to find much fantastic information to use in the classroom. CK-12 is a kind of online textbook. Teachers and students will discover multimedia such as films and interactive simulations in addition to text. The capacity of the instructor to adapt the curriculum for individuals or small groups is the actual strength of CK-12. Teachers may create "classes" out of groups of students or people and assign the better-targeted information to unique learning profiles.

The teacher can then assign movies and interactives to these pupils to help them understand the subject. If what instructors desire isn't accessible in CK-12's resources, they can create their own and share it with pupils. Overall, CK-12 allows teachers to provide a considerably more personalized learning experience than a traditional textbook or website.

Ck-12 logo in green color
Ck-12 logo in green color

College Board

You may also join the SAT study group and use the College Board's 16-week study schedule as a guide.

The College Board's website has various tools to assist you in preparing for the exam. The organization provides free sample questions and SAT practice exams so you may practice for the real thing. The practice exams come with complete answer keys showing how the SAT is graded.

The SAT is administered by the College Board, a non-profit organization. The organization offers official need-to-know information, such as registration deadlines and a checklist of items to carry on exam day.

College board blue logo
College board blue logo


Kaplan helps over two million students study for their SATs and other examinations every year. The organization provides online SAT prep classes taught by renowned test specialists and is mainly geared for online learning. We chose this firm as our top selection due to the high quality of its courses and teachers and additional services like coaching, on-demand access, and an extensive collection of practice exams. Individuals with a variety of learning styles, as well as those with learning difficulties, can benefit from the program. Students who take on-demand courses must devote 30 minutes each day to their studies, whereas live online lessons and coaching are more demanding.

Kaplan blue-colored logo
Kaplan blue-colored logo


If teachers want (or need) to track their kids' progress on state standards — or in any project or topic, they may utilize Edulastic with all students. To ensure that everyone has access to their Edulastic class, teachers should assist students in registering. Furthermore, in 1-to-1 device classes, having students complete some tests in class to assist them in becoming acquainted with the platform and their teacher's expectations for utilizing it would be beneficial. Teachers can tailor instruction for students who struggle with a particular standard or re-teach a challenging standard to the entire class as students complete exams.

Consider raising the stakes of your Edulastic sessions to include more than just prepping for high-stakes exams. Use it with a warm-up question to pique students' interest and get them thinking about a new idea at the start of class. Use it to assess student knowledge and understanding before presenting a new idea. You might also create your own formative assessment rubric-based projects. How may this technology be used to assist project-based learning in the classroom? There's a lot of room for creativity here; try a free account and see what you can come up with.

Edulastic green colored logo
Edulastic green colored logo

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a customized learning resource that aims to provide anybody with a free, world-class education anywhere. Users may access a range of practice activities and instructional films through a personalized learning dashboard at Khan Academy, ranging from Computer Engineering to Macroeconomics to SAT Prep. Khan Academy's SAT Test Prep course is unusual in that it was created in collaboration with The College Board, the SAT's official supplier.

Khan Academy's SAT Test Prep course is not only free, but it was developed in partnership with the test's creators. Win-win! SAT Test Prep features eight full-length official practice exams, thousands of practice questions, videos, advice, personalized practice schedules, and quick feedback. The influence of the course on student progress was investigated by Khan Academy and The College Board in 2017. They discovered that 20 hours of Khan Academy preparation resulted in a 115-point boost on the SAT, approximately double the gain for students who did not complete the Khan Academy SAT Test Prep course.

Khan academy logo
Khan academy logo

People Also Ask

How Do You Fully Prepare For A Test?

There are always several activities that may be done alone or in combination to enhance one's experience. A few guidelines are presented below to serve as a practical reference.

  • Ensure your study area is well-organized.
  • Give yourself ample time for studying.
  • Use diagrams and flow charts
  • Practice on previous tests
  • Make study groups with your friends.
  • Make sure to take regular breaks
Woman preparing for a test and writing on post it
Woman preparing for a test and writing on post it

Is Khan Academy Enough For SAT?

Khan Academy is the ideal method to study for the SAT since it was created by CollegeBoard, which means the practice you're doing will be on the exam and won't be over or underdone, and the best part is that it is free.

How Do You Get 100 In All Exams?

Following are some study techniques that you may implement into your routine to help you handle those problematic areas before your board exams:

  • Make a schedule.
  • Making notes is a useful tool.
  • Examine exam papers from past years.
  • While studying, understand all concepts.
  • A group study might be beneficial.


Because everyone learns differently, this collection of test prep services includes a wide range of courses, tutors, and other choices to assist you in passing the exam. With our list of test prep, you can choose the best option for yourself.

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