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Reasons To Enjoy Watching Series More Than You Should


While watching TV dramas isn't the best form of exercise, a study suggests that those who do so are actually benefiting themselves and their friends. Use these talking points to silence the haters the next time you're called a television junkie. Because there is a strong psychological bond with series, this article will discuss the reasons to enjoy watching series.

Here Are Some Good Reasons To Enjoy Watching Series

According to Bingepost, the less connected you feel to people in your life, the more you may seek the drama of reality shows.

Here are the best reasons we like, love, and hate series.

They Are More Empathic

A study found that people who watched dramas did better on a test of social intelligence and empathy than people who watched documentaries.

The award-winning TV dramas Mad Men, West Wing, The Good Wife, or Lost, or the television documentaries Shark Week, How the Universe Works, NOVA Colosseum, and Through the Wormhole, were randomly allocated to participants.

"Participants who watched a TV drama fared much better on the Reading the Mind in the Eyes Test, which essentially evaluates social intelligence," the results found. The journal Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts published these findings.

Man watching a movie from universal
Man watching a movie from universal

They Frequently Have Fresh Topics To Discuss

And it typically begins, "Oh my gosh!"It's funny how one 45-minute show can lead to six different talks. Did you notice...? Are you serious? "Do you believe..." And I adore how frequently these discussions take a meaningful turn and result in a discussion that might not have otherwise occurred.

They Can Effectively Communicate With Analogies From Television

I hardly ever use analogies in my writing or speaking. It reminds me of Lorelai Gilmore's attempt to converse politely with her mother. or The Walking Deadattempting to complete an episode without tearing anyone to pieces.

They Are Receptive To Fresh Viewpoints And Ideas

Dramas are great at stimulating viewers' thought processes by introducing them to novel concepts and humanizing characters who hold diametrically opposed viewpoints.

The safest method to expose oneself to risky situations and put oneself in another person's shoes is through television. You start to wonder, "What would I do in this circumstance?" "What would I do?" And you might even find yourself empathizing with a character you had previously ignored.

We Appreciate Tales

I adore being with people who share my compulsive need to tell stories. Because of the multiple opportunities for character development provided by TV dramas' countless episodes, some of the best storytellingcan be found in these shows.

They'll accompany you to entertaining watch parties. Watching together is the best, especially when the plot twists have everyone gasping. Having guests over and fusing the real world with entertaining fiction is both easy with a good drama.


People who had watched the show would flip out everywhere we went, which made it a lot of fun. And perhaps that is the best quality of great television that it brings people together.

People Also Ask

Why Do People Love Watching Series?

The body is receiving a signal from the brain that says, "This feels nice." You ought to continue doing this! It turns out that what we really want is the enjoyment we get from viewing each new episode rather than the show itself.

What Are The Benefits Of Watching Series?

  • Educational value. Television has great educational value.
  • Medium of Information.
  • Social, civic, and cultural awareness.
  • Exposure to different languages.
  • Opportunity for travel.
  • Logical and analytical thinking.
  • Source of inspiration.
  • Bonding with family.

Why Do People Prefer Series Than Movies?

This choice really comes down to personal preference, however, most people would agree that TV episodes tend to be longer, have more intricate plots that hold viewers' attention, and have lengthier storylines than the standard 120-minute movie.


Yes, there is a book, a movie, and a type of music for everyone. However, there is an abundance of everything on television. Consider the fact that there are entire channels devoted to sports like baseball, golf, travel, and shopping.

There are certain movies, novels, and perhaps even some music that can be related to those things, but they aren't the same. The nicest aspect is that there is a good chance you will discover something you didn't think you would like because there is such a wide selection. We hope you enjoyed our reasons to enjoy watching the series.

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