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Academic Research Premier- Great Source For College Research


Academic Research Premier of EBSCO is one of the great general and interdisciplinary databases that students may use in researching all various types of articles.

So whether your professor wants you to have peer-reviewed sources or articles in News or Magazines, Academic Research Premier is indeed a great resource to be utilized for your general research purposes. You may coordinate with your respective school Librarian for more specific subject databases under Academic Research Premier.

What Is Academic Research Premier?

EBSCO Academic Search Premier

Academic Research Premier is a great research resource for students in college and high school who need articles or literary books about the certain subject matter in order to write their research papers that are prerequisites by their professors.

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Academic Research Premier offers full-text articles from peer-reviewed journals that are able to be printed, saved to a flash drive, or emailed as PDF attachments by the students.

The database of Academic Research Premier is easy to access, updated on a regular basis, and it provides a multitude of articles about diverse topics. Usually, when users are unable to find information in a printed book about a subject matter, they can find it in this database.

Academic Research Premier provides information about esoteric and unique topics that do not have books written about them. This is very useful, especially for current topics that may not have been around long enough to inspire people to write books about those topics.

Step By Step Guide In Using Academic Research Premier

These are the step by step guides on how to do a basic search using Academic Research Premier:

  • Log into Academic Research Premier using your browser
  • Once you are at the library home page, click the database list By Title.
  • Choose Academic Research Premier on the selection.
  • At the login box, enter your NJCU ID number.
  • Once you are at the Search Screen, enter your keyword(s) in the search box(es).
  • In order to narrow your search, use the Boolean operator and combine more keyword(s).
  • Each of your research results includes a brief citation: title, author(s), source (name of magazine, journal, or newspaper), and publication date.
  • The HTML Full Text or PDF Full-Text link will take you directly to the full text of the selected article.
  • You can access the abstract (summary of article) by placing your mouse in the Preview icon button.
  • You can now view the full citation by selecting the title or Full Citation.
  • Choose the Print, E-mail, or Save icon based on your preferences and follow the directions on the screen to get a copy of the result.

Search Tips You Can Do For Academic Research Premier

Academic Search Premier: Quick Start Tips

A research is an art form, and users of this database need to learn to use search terms properly. The database is indexed by a specific word. If you use too many search terms, your search may be too narrow, and if you use too few search terms, you may end up with thousands of articles that are difficult for users to classify. Using terms that your computer does not recognize will not produce many results.

Users will have to experiment with different search terms. It's helpful to think of the most common words to describe what a user is searching for. Users can also search for a specific article by using the article title or by searching the author field in advanced search mode.

Sort results by relevance or date, language, type of publication (magazine, newspaper, book, etc.), ticker symbol (financial identifier), ISBN (International Standard Book Number), keyword, subject, or another characteristic. Once users understand how these terms are used and searched in the database, they will be able to search the database more effectively.


Academic Research Premier database contains full-text versions of a wide selection of publications, including academic titles, popular magazines, newspapers, and even videos. Since this database covers nearly all fields of study, it's a good place to start a research project, especially for students. We hope that this article has been a great help for you to know more about Academic Research Premier and how it can help you with your studies.

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