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WaPo Internal Email Responds to the Politico Story


I’ve obtained an e-mail from Washington Post executive editor Marcus Brauchli that’s been sent to the paper’s reporters and editors in response to Politico’s storyabout access-for-cash offers to lobbyists:

A flyer was distributed this week offering an “underwriting opportunity” for a dinner on health-care reform, in which the news department had been asked to participate.

The language in the flyer and the description of the event preclude our participation.

We will not participate in events where promises are made that in exchange for money The Post will offer access to newsroom personnel or will refrain from confrontational questioning. Our independence from advertisers or sponsors is inviolable.

There is a long tradition of news organizations hosting conferences and events, and we believe The Post, including the newsroom, can do these things in ways that are consistent with our values.

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